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Jess Dance Academy

Baby Dance Club (1-3 years)

Tiny Crew (3-4 years)

Mini Crew (5-6 years)

Groovy Crew (7-8 years)

Hype Team (9-11 years)

Dream Team (12-14 years)

Super Stars (15-20 years)

Why Join Jess Dance Academy?

A Positive Experience

Taught by professional educators, who hold Bachelor of Education degrees, ensuring quality instruction that prioritizes holistic learning. We are committed to providing a positive experience for you and your child.

Family-Friendly Environment

A welcoming space fostering a sense of belonging

Safe and Nurturing Atmosphere

Ensuring a safe and supportive space for all students to learn and thrive.


Our Vision

To create a vibrant dance community that empowers each person to embrace their individuality in a supportive and inclusive setting.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide quality dance education, nurturing creativity, integrity, and the freedom of expression.

JDA Core Values:

Cultivating Creativity: Encouraging creative expression in every dancer.

Embracing Enjoyment: Believing in an engaging and fun learning experience.

Building Trust: Creating a foundation of trust among students, teachers, and the community.

Promoting Kindness: Establishing a nurturing and inclusive environment through kindness.

Upholding Integrity: Maintaining the highest standards across all endeavours.

Pursuing Excellence: Striving for excellence in all aspects of dance education.

Fostering Community: Nurturing a strong sense of belonging and acceptance.

Emphasising Empathy: Encouraging empathy, understanding, and respect.


These guiding principles drive us to support our students in becoming confident, well-rounded individuals equipped for life’s opportunities and challenges.

Meet Jess &

Meet Jess and Kate, the dynamic duo behind
Jess Dance Academy! With their passion for dance
and nurturing spirit, they create a vibrant and inclusive space where every dancer flourishes. With certifications from respected dance institutions, holding Bachelor of Education degrees, they strive to provide high-quality instruction while nurturing the growth and creativity of every student. Join their energetic classes and embark on a journey filled with joy, growth, and endless possibilities!

Jess dance academy is a great and inclusive dance company. everyone is extremely nice and friendly and perfect for all ages !! would recommend to go to jess dance academy

Jemma Mcallister

This studio is absolutely amazing, I have so much fun attending these lessons and there are so many amazing opportunities like Can dance, Pageant, Competitions, Red faces, Exams all of these opportunities help me become an amazing dancer and I am so grateful apart of this studio, I recommend anyone with any ability to come and learn dance at Jess dance academy.

Ava Mowday

I highly recommend Jess Dance Academy, every single person there is wonderful, helpful and understanding. My kids have been going for years and look forward to every lesson. The half yearly / yearly performances are amazing too!

Mark Perkins

Jess Dance Academy is an amazing, fun, inclusive and supportive place for all ages to connect with others and expand their dance knowledge and skills. Jess and the team are friendly, welcoming, caring and hardworking people making JDA the perfect dance space for all. I would highly recommend joining JDA!!

Kayla Gordon