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Ballet is a beautiful style of dance and is the foundation for all dance styles.

Class generally begins at the barre, then moves into the centre for more free movement that develops balance and coordination. Ballet vocabulary will be broken down and participants will be given the opportunity to understand the structure of each movement, body alignment and musicality. This style of dance is suitable all ages and abilities due to its formal structure. Ballet helps dancers to develop technique, flexibility, muscular strength, and poise. Classical ballet is best known for its features and techniques such as posture, discipline, turn-out, high extensions, and pointe work. In our ballet classes a strong emphasis is placed on developing flexibility and strengthening the legs, feet, and core. We strongly encourage our students to undertake classical ballet classes as it is the foundation for all genres. Classical ballet classes are compulsory for those wishing to be apart of other performance opportunities, including our competition team.


  • Black leotard
  • Pink stockings
  • Black ballet skirt (optional)
  • Ballet shoes

Please note that we have a compulsory uniform that can be purchased from the studio